Local dancers on form at Wellbank

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WELLBANK Community Hall was the setting for a well attended Highland Dancing competition last Sunday, with competitors from Moray, Fife Aberdeenshire, Strathclyde and Perthshire augmenting the large local support.

The Angus Festival was the fourth in the annual series, with the final contest to be held on Sunday, November 18, in the same venue.

Competition was very keen. The best dancer from Angus was Monifieth’s Kirstin Mitchelson.

The main individual dance and group trophy winners are listed below.


Four years: Pas de Basques - Hariette Waddell, Forfar; Pas de Basques and High Cuts - Hariette Waddell; Highland Fling - Hariette Waddell; Sword Dance - Hariette Waddell.

Six years: Pas de Basques - Liam Mitchelson, Kellas; Pas de Basques and High Cuts - Liam Mitchelson; Highland Fling - Liam Mitchelson; Sword Dance - Emily Rafferty, Buckhaven.


Seven years: Highland Fling - Cerys Goodall, Buckie; Sword Dance - Cerys Goodall; Seann Truibhas - Pheobe Meldrum, Tayport; Reel - Claire Rintoul, Edinburgh; Trophy Fling - Cerys Goodall; Flora MacDonald - Cerys Goodall; Scottish Lilt - Cerys Goodall.

Overall - 1, Cerys Goodall; 2, Olivia Pole, Stonehaven; 3, Lois Millar, Forfar.

Eight years and over: Highland Fling - Shannon Young, Kirriemuir; Sword Dance - Shannon Young; Seann Truibhas - Emma Smith, Glenrothes; Reel - Shannon Young; Trophy Fling - Caitlin Findlay, Stonehaven; Flora MacDonald - Emma Smith; Scottish Lilt - Caitlin Findlay.

Overall - 1, Shannon Young; 2, Caitlin Findlay; 3, Emma Smith.


10 years: Highland Fling - Kaydi Burns, Houston; Sword Dance - Kaydi Burns; Seann Truibhas - Baris Sungurtas, Kirriemuir; Reel - Sophie Bole, Monifieth; Trophy Fling - Sophie Bole; Flora MacDonald - Sophie Bole; Scottish Lilt - Scout Knight, Huntly.

Overall - 1, Sophie Bole; 2, Kaydi Burns; 3, Jacob Barr, Forfar.

14 years: Highland Fling - Nicole Henry, Padanaram; Sword Dance - Nicole Henry; Seann Truibhas - Nicole Henry; Reel - Nicole Henry; Trophy Fling - Nicole Henry; Flora MacDonald - Nicole Henry; Scottish Lilt - Nicole Henry.

Overall - 1, Nicole Henry; 2, Georgia Shepherd, Newtonhill; 3, Madison Stenhouse, Kircaldy.


10 years: Highland Fling - Carrie Mitchelson, Kellas; Sword Dance - Carrie Mitchelson; Reel - Ellie Meacher, Methil; Barrack’s Johnny - Carrie Mitchelson; Flora MacDonald - Carrie Mitchelson; Scottish Lilt - Carrie Mitchelson; Sailor’s Hornpipe - Carrie Mitchelson.

Overall - 1, Carrie Mitchelson; 2, Ellie Meacher.

15 years: Highland Fling - Shannon Polson, Portlethen; Sword Dance - Shannon Polson; Seann Truibhas - Shannon Polson; Reel - Shannon Polson; Barrack’s Johnny - Shannon Polson; Flora MacDonald - Shannon Polson; Scottish Lilt - Shannon Polson; Sailor’s Hornpipe - Shannon Polson.

Overall - 1, Shannon Polson; 2, Christina Polson, Portlethen.


Nine years: Highland Fling - Eilidh Jones, Dunfermilne; Sword Dance - Eilidh Jones; Seann Truibhas - Eilidh Jones; Reel - Millie McDaid, Glenrothes; Barrack’s Johnny - Eilidh Jones; Flora MacDonald - Abbi Flynn, Glenrothes; Scottish Lilt - Eilidh Jones; Sailor’s Hornpipe - Millie McDaid, Glenrothes.

Overall - 1, Eilidh Jones; 2, Millie McDaid; 3, Abbi Flynn.

11 years: Highland Fling - Kirstin Mitchelson, Monifieth; Sword Dance - Kirstin Mitchelson; Seann Truibhas - Kirstin Mitchelson; Reel - Kirstin Mitchelson; Barrack’s Johnny - Kirstin Mitchelson; Flora MacDonald - Kirstin Mitchelson; Scottish Lilt - Kirstin Mitchelson; Sailor’s Hornpipe - Kirstin Mitchelson.

Overall - 1, Kirstin Mitchelson; 2, Cerys Jones, Dunfermilne; 3, Bethany Clark, Invernervie.

13 years: Highland Fling - Isla Mitchelson, Monifieth; Sword Dance - Isla Mitchelson; Seann Truibhas - Isla Mitchelson; Reel - Patricia Kelly, Kemnay; Barrack’s Johnny - Isla Mitchelson; Flora MacDonald - Isla Mitchelson; Scottish Lilt - Isla Mitchelson; Sailor’s Hornpipe - Isla Mitchelson.

Overall - 1, Isla Mitchelson; 2, Patricia Kelly; 3, Kaitlyn Radford, Leven.

15 years: Highland Fling - Megan Kay, Markinch; Sword Dance - Ailish Hassett, Kirriemuir; Seann Truibhas - Verity Marshall, Dundee; Reel - Ailish Hassett; Barrack’s Johnny - Ailish Hassett; Flora MacDonald - Ailish Hassett; Scottish Lilt - Rachel Ritchie, Aberdeen; Sailor’s Hornpipe - Ailish Hassett.

Overall - 1, Ailish Hassett; 2, Megan Kay; 3, Verity Marshall.

17 years: Highland Fling - Danielle Law, Glenrothes; Sword Dance - Jenny Pollock, Blairhall; Seann Truibhas - Danielle Law; Reel - Jenny Pollock; Barrack’s Johnny - Danielle Law; Flora MacDonald - Jenny Pollock; Scottish Lilt - Danielle Law; Sailor’s Hornpipe - Jenny Pollock.

Overall - 1, Danielle Law; 2, Jenny Pollock; 3, Stacy McCormack, Edinburgh.