VIDEO: The Gala Day fete

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Visitors and locals a-plenty turned out to support the Carnoustie Gala Day after fears it would be cancelled.

The annual parade was threatened with cancellation in later years if volunteers did not step forward to help with stewardship.

Luckily the town pulled together and the parade on Saturday was a great success.

Carnoustie Gala chairperson Mary Bushnell said: “It all went really well, all the stewards turned up as promised.

“It was a great day with the highlight being the amount of folk that turned up. Everyone was in good spirits and very complementary of things taking place on the day.”

Some were disappointed by the number of floats on display but Ms Bushnell explained that it was down to circumstances: “There was problems with circumstances such as people on holiday but we will work on that for next year.

“The sun came out and it was absolutely great. It was a culmination of the brilliant events from the during the week.”

Watch our video now which shows the ladies’ team soundly beating the men in the annual truck pulling competition.




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