Loss of overnight nursing service in Angus

PLANS are under way to withdraw the overnight district nursing service in Angus.

The night-time hours will now be solely covered by the See and Treat team who also operate during the night with paramedics and nurses.

Liz Goss, service manager for community medicine and rehabilitation services Angus CHP, said that she was satisfied that one team would be able to cover the work of both as they are currently being “under utilised”.

Mrs Goss has also insisted that the change would have no adverse effect on patients.

She said: “NHS Tayside is introducing changes to its overnight community service in Angus.

“However, patients across Angus should be absolutely assured that they will continue to receive nursing support and care overnight as required and they should see no change in the delivery of the service.

“We are redesigning our overnight services and moving to one See and Treat team consisting of highly skilled senior nurses who, along with a paramedic, will deliver care between the hours of 10 p.m. and 8 a.m.

“We will, in addition, be making increased use of Marie Curie Services for Palliative Care support.

“We have looked carefully at the activity and the number of patients who are visited during these 10 hours.

“As an indication of the team’s workload, the total number of visits required on any overnight period is around four to five. We believe that the new arrangements which are due to be in place by mid-March will see staff being better utilised and patients continuing to receive the same quality of care as ever.

“The new arrangements will be closely monitored over six months and changes made if necessary.”