‘Lovely Arbroath’ comes home

ANGUS Council has been gifted the rights to the unofficial town song by the widow of the composer.

Walter McFadyn wrote the Angus favourite ‘Lovely Arbroath’ in 1971 in Toronto, and the copyright was presented by Lenore McFadyn last Wednesday at the Signal Tower Museum in Arbroath.

The song, which was first recorded by Dennis Clancy and featured the Heather Trio, Bill Burnett and Pipe Major Bob Hardie was released by BMI as part of an EP album in 1977.

All revenues from future recordings will now go to Angus Council and be used to benefit the town.

Mr and Mrs McFadyn originally hail from Glasgow, but fond memories of childhood visits to Arbroath encouraged them to move there shortly after their marriage.

The copyright was presented to Councillor Sheena Welsh and cultural services manager Norman Atkinson by Lenore McFadyn, her daughter Hazel and son-in-law Christopher Markwell.

Councillor Welsh explained: “I received an email from the son-in-law out of the blue, prior to this we’d had no contact.”

Councillor Welsh hopes that ‘Lovely Arbroath’ will find a new lease of life now that it has come home.

She said: “Norman Atkinson has been in touch with the folk club and we hope that someone from there will take it up.

“Hopefully someone will perform it and it will be good to hear a modern take on the song.”

A CD containing a version of ‘Lovely Arbroath’ by a Canadian pipe band was also handed over, and this should give future Arbroath performers an idea of how it is supposed to sound.

Councillor Welsh added: “Mr McFadyn was so impressed with the town that he wrote this song, and Mrs McFadyn obviously has a place for Arbroath in her heart so she wanted to hand it over.

“I think this reflects very well on the town. It was written by someone who had fallen in love with Arbroath.”