MADcap antics in Monifieth

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MONIFIETH Amateur Dramatics put on a hilarious new play last weekend at the new theatre in the town’s High Street.

David Tristram’s brand new ‘Searching for Doctor Branovic’ is one of the funniest plays I’ve ever seen and the standard of MAD’s performance was such that I went to see it twice in three days.

Emma Tyler is mourning the unexpected sudden death of her husband, Joe. Imagine her surprise, therefore, when he returns to their home very much alive!

Craig Low plays Joe Tyler, Emma’s ‘dead’ husband, who bumbles along throughout the play in the naive belief that ‘everything will be fine’, despite it being obvious that nothing can be farther from the truth.

Craig’s performance, coupled with his magnificent timing and facial expressions, make Joe a wonderful character, and although the audience can see why Emma says she hates him at times, they’re really with him all the way.

Mel Isabella is superbly cast as Emma, Joe’s grieving, but very surprised widow. Thrown from one shock to another in quick succession, it’s no wonder that she bounces from fury to delirium so easily.

Richard Cook is outstanding as the grumpy and beleaguered detective who has the dubious honour of trying to sort out the mysteries of this very strange case.

Modelling himself on Columbo, complete with raincoat, Inspector Monroe calls in at the Tylers’ home with monotonous regularity, usually at the most inconvenient times.

The Tylers’ kindly next door neighbour and local undertaker could not have been played by anyone other than Theresa Lynn, who can always be relied on for an excellent performance.

Mrs Banister is the only character in the play who manages to keep a shred of dignity throughout, being the wise confidante of almost everyone else, helping them to take their secrets to their graves.

Jonathan Elder, one of MAD’s up-and-coming stars, gave a brilliant performance as a Polish Doctor suffering from amnesia – or at least, that’s who the others think he is.

The audience were convulsed at his performance, and also at his fetching flowery nightie!

Director Gareth Barton said he was delighted with his cast and proud of the way their hard work has paid off.

There’s still time to see this unmissable show. It will be performed again on September 16 and 17 at 7.30 p.m.

Tickets (£8 and £6 concession) are available from The Yorkshire Building Society in Broughty Ferry, members of MAD or are available at the door.