Magic and mystery at the Red Lion

Michael Brandie magician in the Red Lion on Friday for his magic show.
Michael Brandie magician in the Red Lion on Friday for his magic show.

An Arbroath magician had the sell-out audience completely under his spell with his new stage act on Friday night in the Red Lion Caravan Park.

Michael Brandie’s ‘Unforeseen Circumstances’ allowed the unassuming illusionist an opportunity to try out in front of a live audience some stage magic and mentalism in the style of Derren Brown.

Perhaps best known for his table magic at charity and community events over the past few years, ‘Unforeseen Circumstances’ is only his second official stage show and has opened up a whole new world of magic and illusion.

Many of the skills however remain the same, the endearingly geeky patter, the humour, the sleight of hand, misdirection and the ability to befuddle and genuinely mystify and entertain his audience.

Some particular events stand out. For example, the ‘failed’ attempt to solve two Rubik’s cubes while blindfolded was genuinely surprising.

There was some mind-reading, some prescience, plenty of comedy and even a little bit of teleportation with his old favourite, the playing cards.

With quite a lot of his friends and family in the audience Michael very wisely introduced as much random chance as possible to keep the sceptics happy.

After the show Michael said: “I’d just like to thank everyone for coming, Jivin’ Jim for his sound expertise and my wife, Shelley, for her continued support.”

A thoroughly entertaining evening was had by all, and all for as little as £5 per ticket, we look forward to seeing what other mysteries Michael will produce in future acts.