Making a house a home

A CARNOUSTIE councillor has praised the work of housing officers in making the town’s new council house showroom an attractive home.

As the first new council houses in 15 years rapidly fill up, independent councillor Brian Boyd highlighted the extra effort put in by Angus Council staff.

The show-house in Burgh School Close was furnished almost entirely by items brought in by dedicated council officers.

Councillor Boyd explained: “The housing department staff were brilliant. They brought in anything from bedding to beds to chairs and everything in between.

“Angus Council supplied the carpets and that was it. It needed everything else to make it look like a normal home. That was a big effort, they came along on their own time with vans to drop the stuff off.”

However, not everything was exactly how it appeared. Councillor Boyd explained: “I remember when I was there someone said to me: ‘Don’t sit on that! It’s a wardrobe dressed as a bed!’

“I thought that was a nice thing they did and very sweet of them.”

Councillor Boyd also pointed out that the quick turnover of these and other properties in the town was a good reflection on Carnoustie.

He commented: “These were snapped up in a matter of weeks. Speaking to Angus Council officers they said the demand was one of the highest in any of the burghs.

“This means there is a recycling of other homes in the town. They’re getting snapped up as well by people with small families, young couples and so on.”

He pointed out that 66 per cent of the new houses have been taken on by Carnoustie residents, with the rest going to other families on the Angus Council waiting list.

He went on: “It’s a good environment to bring children up in. The figures speak for themselves, there are more people on the Carnoustie waiting list than any other burgh.”

Councillor Boyd is keen for more council housing to be built in the long term. He said: “I will be lobbying the council to find sites and then getting them to find the funding from the Scottish government. We are working on trying to find suitable sites and putting council housing on them.

“In the short term we have affordable housing becoming available this year at two sites. DJ Laing is currently converting the old Lord Snooty’s into flats, targeting first-time home owners, and affordable council homes are being built on ground at the bottom of Park Avenue.”