Man charged after crash

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A CARNOUSTIE couple was shocked to discover their street had become a scene of chaos after a serious road accident earlier this week.

On Sunday morning Sam Holmes (29) and Laura McGregor (25) were greeted by what appeared to be a scrap metal yard instead of the normally tranquil Thomas Street.

In the early hours of Sunday morning a car, understood to be a silver BMW, collided with a row of cars parked on Thomas Street between Anderson Street and Victoria Road.

Among the cars damaged was the black Vauxhall Corsa belonging to the couple, which ended up skewed across the pavement.

Sam said: “When I opened the bedroom curtains I genuinely thought to myself: “Did I leave the car parked on the pavement like that?

“It appears the vehicle was going more than the recommended speed limit when he lost control. He clipped the car in front of ours, then hit our car and then it hit our neighbour’s car and the BMW ended up in his driveway.

“Our neighbours came back from a night out to find the BMW was being towed out of their garden.

“The Astra, which was the last car he hit, ricocheted into the three other parked cars damaging them.”

Sam added: “Our car is probably a complete write-off, the rear axle is completely sheared in half. In total three cars have probably been written off, not including the BMW, and possibly as many as seven damaged.”

An appliance from Tayside Fire and Rescue Service attended at the scene.

A spokesperson for Tayside Police told the Guide & Gazette: “We were informed of the incident at about 1.25 on Sunday morning. A 23-year-old man has been charged in connection with the incident.”