Map to show ‘Sons of Carnoustie’

A CARNOUSTIE man is appealing for help to complete an interactive global map on the ‘Sons of Carnoustie’, writes Jennifer Newton.

Bill Harris has already conducted research into the golfers, who are thought to have spread golf around the world, also know as the ‘Sons of Carnoustie’.

But now he is eager to find out more information about these men, particularly their life experiences.

Bill already has a website – featuring his findings but now he is appealing for help so he can complete a global map presentation of his research.

He said: “Many articles about Carnoustie refer to 200 or 300 golfers who have spread golf around the world, known as the ‘Sons of Carnoustie’. 

“The origin of this number is unclear though small lists of names have been published over the years. 

“In recent years I have looked into this and I have identified 163 golfers, before 1950, associated with 342 global golf clubs outwith the UK. 

“I am particularly interested in finding the ‘man behind the name’ and many of these early golfers have had fascinating life experiences.”

And now Bill would like to hear from any Guide & Gazette readers that could help him.

He added: “I would be very grateful to any Guide & Gazette readers who could provide further information on any of these pioneers, or correct errors in the current information.

“The information will ultimately be made freely available for personal use as an interactive global map presentation.”

Anybody wanting to help the project can contact