Members’ opinion sought from survey at local clubs

Monifieth Golf
Monifieth Golf

Suggestions of a future merger for Monifieth’s four golf clubs have been found to be foundationless.

Despite recent reports that membership numbers at the Grange, Monifieth, Broughty and Ladies’ Panmure Clubs could drop in the future, there are no plans to join the clubs together into one super club.

In 2014, an Inter-Club group, made up of members of each of the four golf clubs playing over the Monifieth Links courses, together with the local golf professionals and the Monifieth Links Committee, got together to look at how the distinct entities at Monifieth could work more closely together in order to share resources and save on costs.

Monifieth Club Captain Jackie Brown said: “There is going to be a survey sent out on Friday that will gauge the thoughts of members of all the clubs on two questions.”

The survey will ask:

Are you in favour of club sharing?

Are you in favour of full amalgamation?

Ms Brown reassured that despite fears that there is declining membership in local clubs across the country, all the clubs in Monifieth “are very healthy” at the moment and “financially sound”.

“There’s nobody under threat and at the moment all the clubs have is a mandate to talk to each other, discuss how we can share utilities, social events, right down to scorecards.

“There is no mandate to proceed with anything from the survey, it is simply a poll to gauge members’ feelings.”

The exercise aims to serve as an indicator of opinion and gives the Inter-Club group no mandate to proceed further. However, it will provide each individual club with a reasonable insight into the feelings of their membership.

Jack Hutcheon, chair of the Inter-Club group and Grange club captain said: “It is incumbent on the current membership at Monifieth to ensure that golf thrives, and is enjoyed here, by future generations. Whilst all of the clubs are individually healthy just now, the statistics show there is no guarantee that the membership numbers will be sufficient to maintain this position indefinitely.

“Each of our clubs are rightly proud of their long standing traditions, therefore the option to share the same building would bring substantial savings to running costs, whilst allowing clubs to keep their individual identities if required. This is why we felt that the clubhouse sharing option, as an alternative to full amalgamation, was worthy of some thought.”