Members putting the fun into fundraising

Carnoustie Theatre Club
Carnoustie Theatre Club

Carnoustie Theatre Club will be putting the fun into fundraising this weekend at a silent auction to raise funds for their modernisation plans

The auction will take place in the Dibble Tree Theatre on Sunday, June 26, from 7-9pm, and all proceeds will go towards implementing a programme of improvements at the Dibble.

The improvements will take place in three phases - stage one will see the refurbishment of the auditorium, new seating, insulation and gas central heating; stage two will see new dimmer lighting packages installed; and stage three will be a remodelling of the theatre’s front of house.

New president Alistair Laing explained: “It will basically make our productions a wee bit better.

“It’s going to cost round about £70,000 it’s not really an expansion, it’s more a modernisation. We put out a survey and it was mostly leg room and front of house.

“We’re away to put in more seats to give a wee bit more leg room and make the theatre more comfortable. We’re also getting gas central heating throughout the building which will save us on energy costs.

“In front of house it’s remodelling, taking away the kitchen work top area. We need the kitchen facilities, but we’ll try not to make it so much about the kitchen. We’ll try to do that in three stages.

“Obviously we are trying to fundraise it all ourselves. The silent auction is purely just fundraising to get this theatre all done up. It’s a massive undertaking and £70,000 is a lot of money.”

Any donations or fundraising ideas would be greatly appreciated, please contact them via Facebook.

At Carnoustie Theatre Club’s annual general meeting on June 7, outgoing president Paul Strachan highlighted the year’s successes. Dick Gibson also gave a presentation on the planned theatre improvements.

A generous anonymous donation was also recently received by the club and they wished to express their gratitude to the person, or persons.

Office bearers for 2016-17: President – Alistair Laing; Vice-President – Nikki Doig; Treasurer – Carine Soutar; Secretary – Muriel Gordon; Child Protection Officer – Dave Ross; Membership Secretary – Dianne Smith; Minute Secretary – Peter Flynn; Front of House Manager – Betty Gibson; Wardrobe Manager – Liz Flynn; Project Manager – Dick Gibson.