Ministerial promise for 2014 Games

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CARNOUSTIE people are being urged to apply as volunteers for the Commonwealth Games when it comes to town next year.

Angus South MSP Graeme Dey and Angus councillor Jeanette Gaul have both welcomed a commitment from Sports Minister Shona Robison over the manning of local roles when the shooting event is held at Barry Buddon in 2014.

Concerns had been raised following the London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay which attracted criticism after very few torch-bearers paraded on home ground.

It is hoped this will not be the case in the Queen’s Baton Relay and that some effort will be made to meet volunteers’ preferences regarding where they are deployed.

Mr Dey said: “A consistent feedback theme from the Olympic Torch Relay, not just in Angus but throughout Scotland, was that all too often torch-bearers weren’t carrying the torch in their own areas.

“So I am delighted that this has been taken on board by Glasgow 2014 and that, accepting there will be operational constraints which make it impossible to satisfy all such requests, every effort is to be made to ensure family and friends of Baton carriers are afforded the best possible chance to see them taking part.”

Councillor Gaul added: “There’s been a massive interest shown in volunteering at the Commonwealth Games and no doubt there will be real demand amongst the volunteers to be involved in the higher profile duties.

“However, there are also going to be people from Angus who, for a variety of reasons, would prefer to help out closer to home.

I am therefore pleased that the Minister has indicated that wherever possible location preferences will be taken into account, albeit it may not be possible to grant every such response.

“Angus Council, through its members and officers steering group, is putting a great deal of time and effort into ensuring the shooting at Barry Buddon is a huge success and our county derives every benefit possible from the Games.”