Mixed response to business park decision

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The decision to proceed with a Business Park at Carlogie has met with contention by members of the Carnoustie community.

In May, Angus Council voted in favour of a motion to defer the development of a business and industrial area in the fields 300 yards to the East of the old Carlogie Hotel.

A reporter appointed by the Scottish Government’s Directorate for Planning and Environmental Appeals has overruled the decision, giving Angus Estates Ltd and Muir Group’s proposed development the green light.

Simon Laird, speaking on behalf of the Angus Estates Limited, said: “We are pleased that the final approval has been received and we are encouraged that the reporter for the government specifically pointed out that the proposal is in accord with the local development plan.”

Angus Council’s newest local development plan, which sets out the policies and proposals for planning to guide development for the next 10-30 years, is close to 
publication. Plans also take 
into consideration the views 
of local people on how they wish their community to 

Mr Laird said: “This plan is currently under review and we are confident that the inherent attractiveness of an eastern expansion to Carnoustie means that this is the way that the town will expand to accommodate the growth aspirations of the Council.”

However, views within the town dispute the decision claiming it is at variance with the wishes of the majority of Carnoustie residents, and businesses who voiced their opinions.

According to Garry 
Cooper, Carnoustie said: “A petition of 80 signatories and 67 percent of letters written commenting on the original proposal were against the application.

“Siting the development at Carlogie so late in the day would totally undermine the current Main Issues Report rendering its recommendations virtually worthless. Furthermore, from a local community and Angus 
perspective, building a business and industrial site on the main route into Carnoustie would be an environmental, visual and aesthetic