Monifieth resource centre meeting

A MEETING of Monifieth Community Centre Steering Group held in the Community Cabin on Tuesday was well attended despite the inclement weather.

Present were representatives of many Monifieth groups and organisations, including the community council, Monifieth Amateur Dramatics, Monifieth Local History Society, Monifieth Women’s Group and Crafty Allsorts.

Ged Young, of AIM Design, explained the work done by his firm in compiling a feasibility study, necessary to move the project for construction of a resource centre forward.

Discussion centred on what the various groups thought should be included to meet their own needs and those of other organisations. Many ideas were put forward and much information was provided.

Those present pledged their support towards the project and considered it would probably encourage others to become involved in what is really happening now.

Chairman Margaret Copland said: “Monifieth Resource Centre can be a reality with the support of the community.” She closed the meeting after thanking everyone for coming along and taking part.