More roadworks in store for Carnoustie

A CARNOUSTIE councillor’s fight for equality across Angus in road maintenance has resulted in several additions to the Angus Council programme of works.

Independent councillor Brian Boyd questioned the 2012/2013 schedule of works for Carnoustie and District’s road network after it emerged some districts’ programmes were much more extensive.

Councillor Boyd explained: “I had a meeting with the chief executive, Richard Stiff on February 23 when we had an open and frank discussion about the previous figures from the council on the lack of spending in Carnoustie.

“I also tied this in with the latest satisfaction survey where Carnoustie residents highlighted they were not satisfied with environment that the Council were providing.

“The good news is that, with this intervention, many other roads have now been included in the programme of works.”

Links Avenue will be patched at the entrance to the car park, Dalhousie Street is scheduled for patching during the summer, Barry Road between Brown Street and the Spar will have selective patching done and Thomas Street which is worn away in places will be patched with a form of slurry seal.

The worst offender though is Kinloch Street, and will include the adopted Kinloch Park cul-de-sac.

Councillor Boyd said: “Kinloch Street became my number one priority after Barry Road. I have been on more comfortable rollercoasters!”

According to him, the state of Kinloch Street can be partly blamed on engineering difficulties. He explained: “The problem is Carnoustie is built on very sandy soil and our roads will always be problematical, but that doesn’t mean solutions cannot be found. I am lobbying for works to start as soon as the old Kinloch School site is complete and I will be ensuring there will not be a repeat of the Barry Road fiasco where there was such a long wait between Scottish Water completing their work and the start of road resurfacing.

“I have also had meetings discussing whether to make part of Kinloch Street 20 miles per hour, near Links Avenue but I have had confirmation that the recent accidents have not been speed related.”