Most generous in the world!

Mary Bushnell and Ralph Morris, Carnoustie Gala Committee.
Mary Bushnell and Ralph Morris, Carnoustie Gala Committee.

Carnoustie people must be amongst the most generous in the world says Mary Bushnell, chair of Carnoustie Gala Committee.

She revealed to the Guide & Gazette that this year’s event had raised the wonderful total of £16,470. However, expenses were £7,359.

Mary commented: “Members of the public and those who took part have made a point of saying how much they enjoyed it. The people of Carnoustie are very generous in terms of both time and money when it comes to ‘their’ Gala. For a start we are supported by all the businesses which take out advertisements in our programme and I can thing of several who give us donations.

“Wendy and Gary Devlin, of Dave Murray Transport, and Ian Roberts who supply the lorries are brilliant. If you say to them ‘I need something’, then suddenly it is there. The folk of Carnoustie are great! If they did not turn out on Gala Day then there would not be a Gala Day.

“I have heard the comment that people did not think Carnoustie could put on such a show, but we do. We may be a small burgh but the folk have big hearts. The generosity of the people and the businesses of Carnoustie is what keeps the Gala going.”