MP calls for clarity on devo

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Mixed messages on Devolution has prompted the MP for Dundee East to call for a resolution on the “confusion” at Westminster.

The SNP’s Stewart Hosie MP made the comments this week following discussions on increased Scottish autonomy.

Mr Hosie said: “There is nothing but confusion at the heart of unionist plans to offer more devolution to Scotland.

“Labour have moved from offering the full devolution of Income Tax to a modest increase in the power to vary the rate.

“The LibDems have moved from suggesting the devolution of Corporation Tax to ruling that out entirely.

“And the Tories want to change Scotland’s funding entirely which would result in a £4 billion cut to our budget.”

According to Mr Hosie Westminster has an obligation to make the changes as suggested in the devo-max proposal. He said: “I respect the result of the referendum. But the unionist parties must respect the view of the Scottish people, including the large number who voted no in the expectation of devo-max and now deliver real maximum devolution.

“The Scottish people are quite clear that devo-max means devolving every power except defence and foreign affairs to Scotland.

“The unionist political parties have been put on notice by the Scottish people that they expect real maximum devolution to be delivered – and delivered quickly.

“There must be no watering down of the promises they made before the referendum of extensive new powers for the Scottish Parliament.

“Labour in particular, who are now seriously tainted by being joined at the hip with Tories for the past two years must join the SNP in demanding real job creating powers, the means to fully tackle inequality and enable Scotland to have a clear voice on the international stage.

“The Scottish people would not expect anything less.”