MP welcomes Royal Mail investment

ROYAL Mail are to deploy an extra 30 vans to serve the DD postcode area this Christmas after services were disrupted in the run up to last year’s festive season.

An extra £15 million is being invested in the postal service and there will also be a small increase in the number of staff.

Dundee East MP Stewart Hosie, who raised the situation last year in parliament welcomed the announcement by Royal Mail.

He said: “I am pleased to hear of the extra resources being deployed, although we have no indication of how many more seasonal staff it will involve.

“The situation last winter was completely unacceptable. My constituents complained about not receiving mail or that their mail was delayed, and the havoc lasted from October to late February and the number of complaints ran into the hundreds.

“During the prolonged course of the debacle, I met with Royal Mail’s national management several times and raised the issue in Parliament.

“Severe weather did cause some of the problems but things were made much worse by the misguided introduction of the Way Forward system in Dundee East in the run-up to the busiest time of year.

“I have never had more complaints over a single issue than I had last winter about Royal Mail’s performance.

“Our postcode area was subsequently revealed as the worst in mainland Scotland in terms of delivery performance.

“Extra resources in terms of more vans and more seasonal staff this year must surely help to prevent a repeat and so I am cautiously optimistic that lessons have been learned and that we will not see anything like the havoc we saw last year.”