MSP asks young people to show more respect at War Memorial

A PLEA has gone out by local MSP Graeme Dey to youngsters in Carnoustie asking them to treat the war memorial with more respect.

The representative for Angus South says he has been approached by several members of the public who have told him they are unhappy with what they regard as inappropriate behaviour at the High Street location.

And now Mr Dey is asking young people to show the memorial more respect.

He said: “Youngsters have for long enough gathered at and hung around the benches at the front of the War Memorial, and there’s nothing wrong with that as such.

“However, I’ve been contacted by constituents and visitors to Carnoustie expressing unhappiness at conduct which goes way beyond merely congregating there.

“Some youngsters are playing football on the grass, running through flower beds, treating the steps immediately in front of the memorial as a mountain bike track and leaving the area strewn with litter.

“I suspect it’s more a case of lack of thought and consideration than deliberate disrespect.

“But I would appeal to the kids who gather in the area to recognise that it is a War Memorial and treat it as such.”