Much sought after QUIZ!

The weekly quiz is back!
The weekly quiz is back!

We’ve had lots of feedback from our readers who are missing the weekly quiz.

While we beaver away to try and find a regular space for the popular feature please find below a quiz you are welcome to print out for free. As a nod to the ‘missing’ quiz all the general questions have a missing link.

Unless otherwise requested, we will publish the results on the Arbroath Herald and Guide and Gazette websites on Thursday.

There will be a quiz in the paper this Friday.

If you need the answers ahead of Thursday please email


1. What do the following have in common: Girton, Newnham and New Hall?

2. What did Maskelyne, Chung Ling Soo and Servais Le Roy have in common?

3. What do pinto, borlotti, cannellini and kidney have in common?

4. What are known by the names Oxford Treble Bob, Bob Major and Grandsire Triple?

5. Escritoire, flap-and-tambour, military and kneehole are all types of what?

6. James Baines, Thermopylae, Ariel and Taeping were all what type of conveyance?

7. Charles Dickens, John Pounds and Isambard Brunel were all born in which city?

8. Byzantine, Romanesque, Baroque and Brutalism are all what?

9. What do maiden, mother-of-all and footman have in common?


1. In “Rocket Man”, what time is Zero hour?

2. In “When I’m 64” what are the names of the grandchildren?

3. In “I Dont Like Mondays”, how old was the girl with a silicone chip inside her head?

4. In “Candle in the Wind”, who is said goodbye to?

5. In “Super Trooper”, where was I calling you from last night?