Musical Society’s one man band!

CARNOUSTIE Musical Society may have a ‘cast of thousands’ to call upon, but in their latest show one man seems to be wearing all the hats.

Society president Kevin Smith (33) has taken on a mammoth workload for the company’s latest production, ‘Crazy for you’.

Not only does Kevin oversee the club as president, but he is also treasurer, and for this show he will double his chores by playing a principal character and producing the show at the same time.

Kevin explained his predicament: “This is all through my own doing and lots of reckless stupidity! It has grown arms and legs, but at the end of the day I volunteered. It’s certainly not been easy, but it’s something I’ll remember forever.”

With the first public show only a few days away Kevin seems confident about his production, he said: “We had our first run through last Wednesday and that was stepping into the complete unknown.

“It went really well, beyond my wildest dreams really. As a producer it was in the bag. The last couple of rehearsals I’ll be able to concentrate more on settling into my own character.”

‘Crazy For You’ will run from Tuesday until Friday at Carnoustie High School. Tickets are £9 each or £8 concession and are available at The Fobel Shop and from members.