Nan (70) to jump from ‘plane to aid twins’ fund

Nan O'Rourke is planning a tandem skydive in June to raise money for charity.
Nan O'Rourke is planning a tandem skydive in June to raise money for charity.

PROOF that advancing years are no barrier to a kind heart has been put before us with the news that 70-year-old Nan O’Rourke is planning a sponsored sky-dive two raise funds for two-year-old twins, Ayley and Chloe Hirsch.

The twins, who live in Carnoustie with their parents, Averil and Frazer, have cerebral palsy and will have their movements drastically restricted for the rest of their lives, unless £80,000 can be raised to take them to America for an operation.

Nan dismissed any heroics on her part as she told the Guide & Gazette: “It’s about the wee girls - about them. They must have every chance in life, and if this can help I’m glad to do it.”

When she heard that the girls’ dad was planning a sponsored sky-dive near St Andrews on June 26, their third birthday, she was up for it.

She said: “I thought I would probably be able to get quite a lot of sponsorship if I took part in the sky-dive as I know my friends from church will be so good at helping out.”

Nan added: “I would just love to see their wee faces when they walked for the first time. It’s a pleasure for me to be a part of something that could make them so happy.”

To say Nan keeps herself fit is an understatement. When we telephoned, to speak to her about her fund-raising her husband, Owen, apologised for her absence and explained that she was at her usual place at this time of day - the gym.

She also likes swimming, and says she enjoys keeping fit.

Her previous fund-raising escapades have included last year’s Race for Life in aid of Cancer Research.

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