Near miss prompts Facebook campaign

Photograph Jamie Forbes 11.3.13. 20s Plenty sign, Graham Terrace, off Auchinairn Road Bishopbriggs.
Photograph Jamie Forbes 11.3.13. 20s Plenty sign, Graham Terrace, off Auchinairn Road Bishopbriggs.

Support is growing for a campaign to implement a 20 mile per hour limit on Carlogie Road after a near miss this week.

On Tuesday Carnoustie mum Susan Boath posted on OurCarnoustie’s Facebook page after she and her daughters narrowly avoided being run over.

Susan posted: “To the fool driving the silver car who sped up Carlogie Road this afternoon at school pick up time, do you think it would be wiser to look where you are going instead of checking in your glove compartment whilst driving?

“Perhaps if you did keep your eyes on the road ahead you would have been able to stop in plenty time.

“Not only did you almost take my young daughter’s life, but nearly knocked the lollipop lady over too.

“You should be thoroughly ashamed of yourself. I am just thankful I have all my little girls to tuck up in their beds tonight.”

On Wednesday OurCarnoustie created a post asking people to ‘like’ it if they wanted a part-time 20 zone implemented and asked for other hotspots to be named.

Gordon Birse wrote: “I think Newton Road should have a temporary 20mph speed limit. Or a place for kids to cross safely ie a crossing with traffic lights. The speed cars and lorries go along there is ridiculous. My son has been hit twice now.”

Simone Nisbet added: “Where humans are used to help children cross then 20 should be the limit as generally these lolly pop teams are older and more vulnerable should they get hit by a car doing 30.”

Franny Kydd contributed: “Prevention is better than cure, no? Fining speeders is all very well but stopping them speed in the first place surely makes more sense?”

Alan Smith posted: “I feel it’s more the driver’s responsibility to ensure that they pay more attention and adjust their speed accordingly.”

However, traffic engineer Iain Black explained: “The regulations around part time 20mph outside schools require then to be immediately outside the school gates only. therefore asking for part time 20’s on Carlogie Road will just waste council officer’s time sending you a letter telling you that.

“There is no other answer that Angus Council are permitted to give you without breaking the legislation which means that any signs put up would be illegal.”

To read the full comments visit OurCarnoustie on Facebook.