Neglected play park must be repaired

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THE BLUE Seaway in Monifieth is suffering from an air of neglect and decay which needs to be improved, according to the town’s community council.

At their meeting last Wednesday, members were told about the state of the play area, which has suffered from several acts of vandalism and accidental damage over the past 12 months.

And community council chairman John Whellams made an impassioned plea at the meeting for the area, especially the play park, to be brought back to its former glory in time for the summer season.

At present, some of the playground equipment no longer functions, while two main areas of the Blue Seaway are fenced off.

The meeting heard that following on from an accident when the wooden bollards at the west of the area were demolished by a vehicle swerving to avoid a dog, the rope and bollard feature has not been repaired.

Members of the council also heard that one of the birds on the viewing platform had completely rotted and the remains have been removed, while the telescope mounted there had to be taken away as it proved a target for thieves.

Other minor damage reported included the fins being removed from the animals on the seats overlooking the river.

However, the repairs needed to rectify the damaged equipment have still not been carried out.

And Mr Whellams explained: “This is a wonderful facility which attracts many people with their children week in, week out, raising the profile of Monifieth in the wider area.

“Unfortunately the damage by vandalism to certain items of equipment has not yet been repaired, due to Angus Council parks department having to wait for replacement parts to come from Germany.

“This cannot be allowed to go on as it will soon be summer and many more visitors are anticipated who will expect the playground to be fully functional.

“I feel we are responsible for keeping the area as beautiful and attractive as possible and we should keep bringing these matters to the attention of Angus Council.”

A spokeswoman from the authority said that parts to repair equipment were on order and as soon as they arrive, improvements will be carried out.

However she added that it could be another two or three weeks before they take delivery of the parts.

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