New organisation will campaign for community

CARNOUSTIE has a new group of activists who will campaign to improve the community for all sectors of the population.

At an extraordinary general meeting on Monday, it was agreed that a newly formed Carnoustie Development Group (CDG) would replace Carnoustie Forward which was duly disbanded.

Originally created as the Community Council Economic and Tourism sub-committee of Carnoustie Community Council chaired by newly elected community councillor Bill Bowles, Carnoustie Development Group now encompasses all aspects of Carnoustie life – retail, industry, tourism, charities, and every community group.

As the official Carnoustie planning partnership supported by Angus Council, the CDG will have access to council external funding and other sources such as the Big Lottery, to the benefit of all areas of the Carnoustie community who wish to become involved.

At the meeting, which was chaired by Nicky Lowden-MacCrimmon, Angus Council local community planning officer, Mr Bowles was elected chairman to succeed Charles Goodall, with Howard Evans as interim secretary and an interim treasurer.

All those in attendance, representing the very wide aspects of Carnoustie life, agreed to serve as committee members. These were: Sheila MacNeish, Max Fordyce, Flora Cairnie, Peter Burke, Karen Nicoll, Ed Oswald, Arliss Rhind, Robin Marshall, Rodger Brunton, and Gwen Bowles. Councillors Helen Oswald and Brian Boyd will attend in their official capacity.

In the short time since its inception in March of this year, the Carnoustie Development Group is well on its way to achieving a number of its primary goals. These include obtaining a large number of hanging baskets sponsored by Dobbies, negotiating with Angus Council to have sponsored flower arrangements at the roundabouts and entrances to the town, planning to install attractive street signage and promoting a golfing history display in time for the Women’s Open Golf Championship.

The first open meeting of the Carnoustie Development Group will be held at 2 p.m. on Tuesday (May 17) in the Royal British Legion Scotland Laurie Lounge, to which members of the public and especially representatives of all community groups, are cordially invited.

Councillor Helen Oswald commented: “I am really pleased how this has turned out. Two years ago, Carnoustie Forward was set up as a local partnership but most of the local organisations including the community council did not really engage.

“However, the recently set up economic development group led by the community council had very similar aims.”

She went on: “I spoke to some of the members of the economic development group a few weeks ago and suggested that since Carnoustie Forward was looking for new office-bearers, this would be an ideal time to merge the two organisations.

“This would mean that the council staff who were supporting both groups would not be duplicating work and also that the community council who had voiced concerns about accountability of their group would simply become members of the new partnership which would be able to operate independently.

“This change made perfect sense to me, and as one of the founder members of Carnoustie Forward, as long as the outcomes are beneficial to the community and the partnership engages with the area’s organisations, then it’s a win-win for all concerned.

“I wish the new group every success and will do all I can to support and assist them.”