New season welcomes new faces

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It’s at the beginning of the real growing season that we discover those plotholders who have decided, for whatever reason, to give up their plots.

We said goodbye to a couple during last season, and this year, amongst others, we wave farewell to plotholder Jane who’s off to a new teaching role in Shetland. As a result we have a number of new plotholders including Bassam and family, Lesley and family, Norrie, and Isobel and Jeanette who have taken on our newly released Starter plots.

Just to add to the confusion, we’ve also welcomed Stuart number two and Michael number two to add to our two Johns, two Peters and three Davids. Fortunately the parents of our female plotholders had a little more imagination in naming their wee ones!

The latest spell of nasty weather, with a smattering of snow, left plotholders frustrated with bulging greenhouses and window sills, but experience over the past couple of years paid off, having had this warm March-cold April occur twice in two years.

The cool very dry weather hasn’t disturbed nature’s impulse to grow though - overwintered crops such as spinach and Swiss chard have bounced back, onions –another tough customer – are well away, and even early planted tatties are already poking their heads up. And Laura’s ‘front garden’ is looking a picture just now with flowers and herbs flourishing.

Plotholder Cathy is forging ahead with her beans, planting study seedlings under fleece for an early crop. She’s done it for several years and the fleece is enough to protect the plants from any late frosts. The other Peter did the same last year, but sadly without fleece, and one morning found his plants stone dead overnight by a sneaky frost, so he had to start all over again. But not this year!