New voice for groups

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Angus Council has launched two groups which aim to give Looked After children and care leavers a stronger voice in determining the way services are developed and run in Angus.

The Children and Young Person’s Consultation group will meet monthly and gives children and young people the opportunity to meet, share experiences and identify changes they consider would help Looked After children and care leavers. The group will also meet with the people who are best able to ensure that appropriate change happens.

The group will be facilitated by Who Cares? Scotland. In addition a support group of staff from various agencies will be established to support the young people to attend and to assist the Who Care’s worker in terms of running the group and liaising between the group and the Corporate Parenting Board.

The Corporate Parenting Board will meet three times a year with members of the Children and Young Person’s Consultation group. The focus of the meetings will be issues raised by the Children’s group and to monitor the extent to which the commitments in the ‘Corporate Parenting Pledge’ are being fulfilled.

The group will also ensure that the Corporate Parenting responsibilities held by elected members, the council and partner agencies are being adequately addressed.

Councillor Sheena Welsh, Convener of Angus Council’s Children and Learning Committee, said: “We want all of our children and young people to get the best possible start in life and as corporate parents; we have a responsibility to looked after children and young people. Being a good Corporate Parent means that the council will; accept responsibility for Angus’s Looked After children, young people and care leavers, make their needs a priority and seek for them the same outcomes as any good parent would want for their own children.”

Chief Executive of Who Cares? Scotland, Duncan Dunlop added: “Children and young people from care need to be listened to and heard – especially by decisions makers and those who have the power to make their care journey a positive one.”