New ways to support families and children

PARTNER agencies across Angus have launched a new range of visual aids to support children in challenging circumstances, and their families.

A pack of engaging and interactive materials will help to identify and track progress in areas which are important for the well-being of the children.

This tool, described as a ‘wellbeing web’, uses a series of colourful prompt cards highlighting well-being issues to encourage conversation with the children and establish key areas of concern for direct work with them and their families. This builds on the findings of a successful pilot undertaken in 2011 and will be used by education and social work and health, and a range of voluntary sector practitioners.

Angus Council director of social work and health Robert Peat explained: “We wanted to develop a simple, visual tool which was interactive but would be flexible enough to be used in a variety of settings with a range of people. It was important that this would complement the Scottish Government’s ‘Getting it right for every child’ national practice model.

“A motivated group of staff developed the wellbeing web which built on evidence from the ‘Link-Up’ initiative, a multi-agency programme which aimed to identify, support and protect children affected by parental substance misuse and change the way services – particularly those involved with adults – work with children and families.”

He added: “The web is an additional tool to help work with parents and children in a range of circumstances and this process is very user-friendly. The cards cover areas including how safe, healthy, respected and included the children and adults feel.”

The cards were launched at an event in Arbroath on last Wednesday which was attended by practitioners and partners from Angus Council, NHS Tayside, Tayside Police and the voluntary sector in Angus.