NHS answer soon for Brooke

AFTER months of indecision the NHS have finally told a Carnoustie family they are close to forming new policy on a life-changing operation.

Stewart Ramsay revealed to the Arbroath Herald / Guide & Gazette the NHS were a matter of weeks from finalising procedures for processing referrals for selective dorsal rhizotomy (SDR) surgery to cure spasticity caused by cerebral palsy.

His daughter, Brooke (7), has been the focus for the Brooke’s Dream campaign which has been raising money to fund her after-care treatment and has at the same time helped highlight the plight of children with cerebral palsy.

Following months of petitioning, the NHS responded on Thursday. Stewart explained: “NHS Tayside today responded to the letters sent to them by Graeme Dey.

“They advise that they have come to an agreement in principle for referrals for potential SDR candidates to Bristol.

“They hope to formalise this agreement by the end of the month which should see procedures in place nationally.”

However, the frustration of waiting forced the Ramsays’ hand and they went directly to the consultant responsible for SDR treatment at Frenchay Hospital in Bristol.

Stewart said: “We were not going to wait for this process and referred ourselves privately. This is only for the formal assessment so we can go back to them and show them the evidence.

“Brooke’s formal assessment has been pencilled in for May 11 which is around 12 weeks away, so there is still plenty of time for NHS Tayside to do what they have to and make their decision about Brooke.

“It will be interesting if they agree she fits the criteria for referral before then or not.”