Nicole shows that petite can be perfect

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A CARNOUSTIE model is hoping to prove to the fashion world that small can still be beautiful.

Nicole Abbott (21) has been modelling for four years and has worked with photographers, designers and make up artists from around the country.

But at five foot six, she is considered a petite model in the world of fashion where most female models are usually at least five foot eight.

However, Nicole is determined to not let her height stand in the way and she has set up a group called ‘Perfectly Petite’, which aims to show that smaller girls can model just as well as their taller counterparts.

She explained to the Guide & Gazette: “I am five foot six which in the fashion industry standards is regularly seen as too small, only a small number of famous people seem to get the exception due to their celebrity status.

“As a petite model I have found it challenging when competing for work with taller models that the fashion industry tend to prefer.

“This is why I started a group called Perfectly Petite and its aims are to promote to everyone the new era of modelling, to show the fashion industry that small is beautiful and exciting also that we can do just a good a job as the taller models.

“The industry has witnessed the plus size model and how successful they have been so now it’s time for us petite girls to stick together and make a change.”

The Perfectly Petite group set up by Nicole has already gained support from many other models and other people in the fashion industry including a similar group in America called ‘Bella Petite’.

And after carrying out research and finding that the average woman stands at five foot four, Nicole is more determined to get more petite models in the public eye.

She said: “At the moment I am promoting Perfectly Petite through a range of interviews in various fashion magazines.

“I am also working on producing a calendar for charity using models that are members of Perfectly Petite. Each model is required to give their reasoning as to why promoting petite modelling is important to them.

“I keep reminding other petite models that they must not give up or change for anyone, stay true to yourself and fight for what you believe in. It may be tough but if you stay focused in the end it will pay off.”

Anybody wanting to support or help the Perfectly Petite group can visit their page on Facebook.