No. 73 issues continue

Last week the Guide & Gazette described the alleged poor treatment of a wheelchair bound passenger on the No. 73 bus, prompting readers to reveal their own stories.

Barry mother Jill Jamieson’s daughter, Beth (12), uses the 73 to go to Monifieth High School, and recently mistakenly purchased a weekly student ticket.

Jillian said: “The conductor sold her this when he surely would have seen she was a child, however for the remaining two days of the week she used it no bother.

“Last Monday she got a very grumpy conductor who told her it was the wrong ticket and he would not accept it as she was not a student. He asked if she had money to pay for her fare, which she did not. He told her she would be due him money the next time she got on the bus. He was really horrid to her and I think her face would have lit the bus up!

“Beth was embarrassed by this treatment which resulted in my mum ‘phoning the Arbroath station and complaining!” The family received vouchers in compensation, but, these were in Beth’s grandmother’s name.

Jillian said: “She had no problem using the vouchers until Monday when she had the £5 voucher to use. The conductress asked for ID as stated on the voucher and was told she couldn’t use the voucher as it was not in her own name. This resulted in Beth being asked yet again for money for her fare which she didn’t have.”

Jillian continued: “I think after Monday’s incident Beth will be reluctant to use the 73 bus.”

A spokesperson for Stagecoach Strathtay said: “It is extremely concerning that a member of our staff refused travel for the young girl when this goes against our policy and we are following our internal procedures to deal with this matter.  

“We have been in direct contact with the family to resolve the issue and our policies have been reiterated to all staff.”