Noah in national music competition

A CARNOUSTIE musician who performs under the stage name, Noah Snow, has entered one of the UK’s biggest music competition, ‘Live & Unsigned’.

His given name is Mark Tindal and he lives with his mother and sister in Dundee Street. He is a former pupil of Kinloch Primary School and Carnoustie High School.

Noah told the Guide & Gazette: “This competition is huge. I am in the running to win a recording contract with £50,000 worth of investment, a 180-date tour across four continents and exposure on radio, television and in magazines.

“I had my first audition in the Edinburgh Corn Exchange at the end of January when over 350 acts auditioned. I travelled there on my own panicking and believing I wouldn’t make it through the first round, but when they called my name I picked up my equipment and strolled in and played my heart out.

“From the first note, the fear disappeared and I remember thinking: “I love doing this.” After my performance it took the organisers half an hour to get back to me, so when they came over and told me I was through I was absolutely delighted.”

Noah said that the next round is again at the Edinburgh Corn Exchange on Saturday, March 19, but this time in front of a fully packed venue and a panel of the biggest names in the music industry.

Noah went on: “I sadly lost my father when I was nine years old, so times were difficult and for a while I felt like I didn’t have a purpose. Then when I turned 13 my mum bought me my first bass guitar and from the moment I started playing I knew this is what I am suppose to do. From that day I have been trying to get somewhere with my music.

“I started playing in bands when I was 14 years old. When I started at Carnoustie High School I made some new friends who happened to play some instruments so we started a band called ‘Disposable Heroes’. We mainly played Metallica cover songs although we insisted we were an original band.

“I ended up putting a great deal of effort into becoming a better musician and, with the innocence of youth, believed that if I got good I would instantly get famous. I left school with very few qualifications but a pretty solid level of bass playing so I was happy. We kept our band going for a few years but we split when we all left school. The old band members are still my best friends but our musical preferences have completely changed.

“I attended Perth College where I studied music performance for two years. However, I ended up dropping out before my final exams. I loved college as I was surrounded by musicians all day and had my eyes opened to all different kinds of music. During college I started to learn about synths and midi programming and I bought myself a Macbook laptop.

“After playing with synths for about a year, I realized I could create the sound of a full band and write full length songs all by myself. That’s when I decided to go solo and play as an acoustic musician with electronic backings. I hadn’t heard of anyone else doing this and I named myself ‘Shadows On The Skye!’ I played shows around Dundee and had a lot of fun, but I was still learning and developing a sound. I eventually learned how to work all my synths and electronics and found a sound.

“That’s when I wrote a whole new set, stopped playing shows for five months and renamed myself Noah Snow.”

During the day, Noah works in Tesco in Arbroath.