Northwood mast decision on appeal

VODAFONE and O2 have lodged an appeal with the Scottish Government as they seek permission to install a mobile ‘phone mast on top of a listed building in Broughty Ferry, writes David Proctor.

Tyco Electronics, who represent the two firms, have written to the government after their plan to install a 6.5 metre flagpole-style mast on the tower of Northwood, 118 Strathern Road, was rejected when it came to a vote by Dundee City Council.

The council was not convinced that the mast would appear convincing as a flagpole and would have a negative effect on the West Ferry Conversation Area.

In the appeal document the companies claim that the council didn’t look at how they would “balance between their operational requirements and the environmental considerations of all relevant planning policy.”

They also pointed out two current examples of these types of masts at Broughty Ferry Bowling Club and at Eagle Mill, Dundee.

“We would also state that replica flagpoles have been granted both planning approval and listed building consent and installed successfully in many circumstances on listed buildings both in Dundee and elsewhere.

“On installation of the pole, it is acknowledged that the replica may be gauged as slightly different by some more attentive observers, though it is anticipated that it will be viewed merely as marginally different flagpole is opposed to a telecommunications site.

“In refusing this much-needed telecommunications development the Council have failed to pay due consideration to the restrictive nature of 3G technology and the associated operational limitations that are faced by the Appellant.”

The Scottish Government has not yet allocated a reporter to the case.