Nursery manager struck off

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A nursery manager has been struck off by social work bosses after saying one of the children in her care “looked a bit spastic”.

Dianne Brown faced a probe before the Scottish Social Services Council’s conduct committee over a series of accusations said to have occurred in May 2014.

She was manager of the Busy Bee Nursery in Montrose when the incidents occurred in May 2014.

A three-day hearing, which concluded last month, heard that Brown stated “the child looks a bit spastic in that photo” when shown a picture of one of the children from her nursery on May 22 2014.

Then, on May 30, 2014, she strapped a four-year-old into a buggy in the baby room at the facility in a bid to manage their “challenging behaviour.”

Brown then said “oh look, even the babies are laughing at you” while they were strapped in - before stating: “If you’re going to act like a baby I’ll treat you like a baby.”

The hearing was told a whistle-blower had come forward with the allegations and that Brown was immediately suspended.

In a written judgement, the SSSC’s conduct sub-committee said: “Your conduct falls well below that expected of a social service worker.

“It represents an abuse of power and complete lack of respect for the dignity of service users.

“It also constitutes a breach of the trust of service users, their parents and your employer. Your language was wholly inappropriate.”

Brown’s method of restraining the child in the buggy was described as “wholly inappropriate and had the potential to cause harm.”

The judgement added: “Your conduct calls into question your suitability to work in social services.

“Your behaviour had the potential to cause physical and psychological harm.”