‘One Chance’ for Corden to shine

'One Chance' is out now in cinemas

'One Chance' is out now in cinemas

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‘One Chance’ tells the heart-warming story of ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ winner Paul Potts.

The painfully shy Welsh tenor is portrayed beautifully by James Corden, more than ably backed up by Alexandra Roach as his stoic wife who stands by him through a catalogue of ups and downs.

In true British fashion, director David Frankel draws on the rise to fame of the underdog. Potts’ emotional scars from years of incessant bullying from his school days and his resultant lack of confidence dominate throughout, from his first date with his wife to his disastrous performance in front of his life-long hero, Pavarotti. There are many tender moments with Potts and his parents (Julie Walters and Colm Meaney). Walters, always the optimist, encourages their son to the last whilst Meaney, the tough, working class steel worker from Port Talbot, is desperate for his son to waken up from his dream and face reality. The film follows Potts’ long journey littered with disaster after disaster, yet through it all, he follows his dream to sing. Corden, Roach and Mackenzie Crook as Potts’ boss put in convincing performances but, for me, this film doesn’t quite hit the top notes.