Opportunist raiders make off with Jill’s stock

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AN ARBROATH artist who supplies galleries across Scotland with her craft items had her entire stock stolen in a sneak raid last Wednesday morning.

Jill Henderson, Dishlandtown Street, was preparing her work to be transported to Carnoustie where she had organised a stall as part of the Ricoh Women’s Open. She had moved everything she was to take to just outside her flat and was waiting for her friend who was to drive her there.

Jill went back into the house for a few moments and when she came back everything had gone.

She saw a blue minibus type van with a disabled lift on the back disappearing up the street.

Jill stated: “The items inside the boxes are very distinctive craft pieces with business cards attached bearing the name Doodlepins of Splendidness.”

They included Fairy Treasure Troves - little decorated boxes with mugs and flowers - and Doodlepins, which are little brooches or badges of all different designs which include dogs, cats and flowers. There was also a limited edition of dalmations Doodlepins which is instantly recogniseable.

Jill was unable to take up her stand at the golf and estimates that the stolen items were worth some £1,500.

She has posted pictures of some of her work on her Facebook page so that people will know what to look out for.

Jill claimed that the van had been spotted at Kirkton and also in Montrose and the driver had been selling items out of the back of it.

Police in Arbroath are investigating the theft. Listed in the haul is a pink lady’s shopping bag with a floral design on it, and a blue bag with a red ladybird design on it containing two vintage lamps a yellow extension cable, a red plastic container, and a top hat. A number of handmade brooches and pins, all of which have stickers attached saying ‘Doodlepins’, were also taken.

A spokesman said: “A woman was seen driving a blue Transit van in the area around the time of the theft. She is described as being of large build with short blonde hair.

“If you know where any of the distinctive stolen goods are now, or if you can identify the woman driving the Transit van, please get in touch with Tayside Police on 0300 111 2222.”