Outstanding images from photographers

'Romantic Stroll' by Jean Wigglesworth won the intermediate section.
'Romantic Stroll' by Jean Wigglesworth won the intermediate section.

Members of Brechin Photographic Society were welcomed back for a new session recently and took part in an interesting quiz.

It tested their skills of observation and knowledge of photographic composition and technique.

Teams battled against each other to spot the difference between images, find the animal in the print, spot how many dogs can be seen and find Smoky the cat. The latter proved a real challenge being a grey cat in a black and white image.

Malcolm McBeath ARPS returned as judge for the images submitted under the title ‘Fading Light’. Images were judged by content, technical competence and visual appeal. Mr McBeath enlightened the audience by demonstrating how to retain detail in the shadows when working in low light.

In the beginners’ section outstanding images were presented on a wide range of subjects and Mr McBeath commented on the winners stating they would have done well in the intermediate or advanced categories.

Results: 1, ‘The Dying of the Light’ – Ian Cobb; 2, ‘Up in the clouds’ – Rebecca McPeake; 3, ‘The light shore is fading’ – Alexa Hewit.

Intermediate section: 1, ‘Romantic stroll’ – Jean Wigglesworth; 2, ‘Montrose skyline’ – John Griffith; 3, ‘Homeward bound’ – Gordon Milne.

In the advanced section the winners were: 1, ‘Place de la Bourse’ – Peter George; 2, ‘Last of the day at Montrose Basin’ – Jim Snedden; 3, ‘Mont St Michel’ - Ken Ness.

Brechin Photographic Society meets every Tuesday at 7.15 p.m. at St Andrew’s Church Hall. A warm welcome is extended to new members of all abilities. See www.brechinphotographicsociety.org for further information on the programme of activities ahead.