Paddling pool vandalised?

CARNOUSTIE children were this week deprived of a popular attraction during the last few days of the summer holidays, writes Johnston Ralston.

The paddling pool at Carnoustie foreshore has suffered damage to the bottom of the pool, causing it to be closed for use.

It has been suggested that vandalism was the cause, but as yet there is no evidence.

Councillor Brian Boyd said: “It could be vandalism. You can’t cut the bottom very easily, but we can’t say for sure.”

The operators have been called in, and Councillor Boyd said: “Alba Pools will be having a look as soon as possible, but this could take a week and will only be an assessment.

“At the moment the council is doing what they can and we are keeping it filled to deter further damage.”

A spokesperson for Angus Council said: “Vandalism at Carnoustie paddling pool was reported to the council on Friday.

“There is damage to the surface and broken glass. The paddling pool has been closed in the meantime for safety reasons and to allow assessment of the damage.

“The police have been informed and anyone with any information is urged to contact them.”