Panmure pitch in at Pitskelly Park

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A CARNOUSTIE park was a hive of activity at the weekend when a local youth football team turned out to fix up the pitches.

Pitskelly Park, home of Carnoustie Panmure Youth FC has been in dire need of repairs for some time, and on Saturday morning players and their parents pitched in to make the grass playable again.

The main problem came from the deep furrows gouged into the surface by the playing lines, and which were the cause of regular injuries to players.

Carnoustie Panmure Youth FC committee was behind the scheme. Club president Derek Millar said: “There were about 50 people here.

“We didn’t really expect so many, and it was quite short notice. I’m quite surprised how many did turn out. I’m glad it’s done, we’ve had complaint after complaint.

“Angus Council gave us two tonne bags of soil. Obviously their budget is quite tight and we’ve not had any help so we decided to take it upon ourselves.

“The pitch is getting worse. At the moment there are 200 youngsters in the club. The more kids we get the worse the condition of the pitch gets.

“We just don’t have the facilities. We’ve had to take it upon ourselves to prepare it for next season.”

Monifieth firm Welch Seeds stepped in to help and on Monday they finished slicing the turf at cost price.

Derek added: “All the lines have been dug up.

“The two tonnes from the council and another tonne we got have been used up. We’ve used three tonnes of soil just on the lines, that shows you how bad it was.

“This is only a temporary fix.

“We’ll be working with Welch Seeds and talking with them to try and get a deal for them to work with us over next season.

“We’ve got to make these repairs last, we are at breaking point with the kids and facilities. We are banking a lot on the Community Sports Club.”

A spokesperson for Angus Council said: “Angus Council gave the club two tonnes of soil to fill in rabbit holes and to reseed the pitches.

“We also lifted and relaid some slabs due to rabbits burrowing under them.”