Panmure score Pitskelly Park in Community Asset Transfer deal

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Carnoustie Panmure Football Club is one step closer to creating the perfect player pathway for footballers in the town following a gift of land from the council.

On Tuesday at a meeting of Angus Council’s Communities committee it was agreed to lease the club Pitskelly Park and the attendant changing rooms in a Community Asset transfer.

As a result the committee approved the lease of land to Carnoustie Panmure Football Club on a peppercorn lease of £1 per annum for 99 years.

Chair of Carnoustie Panmure Football Club (SCIO) Phil Hope was delighted with the move.

He said: “We are all absolutely thrilled with the decision. The club has worked really hard to convince the council that we are a well-run club and that we have the vision to run the facility with the community at its heart.

“This facility will become the base for our every-growing Football Academy while we continue to raise the funds to upgrade the surface to 3G.”

The club had applied for a lease of the all-weather pitches at Pitskelly and changing rooms for a nominal fee.

They had also requested an option to purchase the facilities in the future.

It was also proposed by the club that they would upgrade the all-weather surface to include a 3G surface with shock pad as the current surface was deemed unsuitable.

It was noted in the Angus Council report recommending the asset transfer that: “The community club has been formed from four member clubs that have a proven track record of managing a portfolio of property leased from Angus Council.”

The club currently boasts around 500 players aged five to 45, and with the asset transfer it is hoped that an Over 35s team can be founded, a walking football scheme and also with more secure facilities it is hoped to lower the minimum age to three years old.

Other planned activities include a Midnight League for teenagers, a Mini Kickers group for four to nine year olds, and it would also allow for the club’s 10 coaches with qualifications for coaching players with disabilities to look at options for provision of sessions for disabled groups in a secure location.

The report also stated: “The Community Asset Transfer Group is of the opinion that this proposal will bring benefits to the local community and transfer of the asset under long term lease will enable the leverage of significant external funding into Angus which will also lead to the enhancement of the facilities.”