‘Pannie’ consultation questioned

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There has been an outcry online following the Guide & Gazette’s story last week about the uncertain future of the Panmure Centre in Carnoustie.

The facility based in Kinloch Street is a hub for community learning, social groups and a host of other activities, and last week it was revealed that its continuation was the subject of a consultation by Angus Council.

It sparked debate on Facebook once the story went online.

Anne Lochhead wrote: “I have and still do use the Panmure Centre. I will be gutted if it closes the toddler group is fantastic and the staff second to none it would be a very sad day for Carnoustie.”

Paddy Petrie added: “I have always said that more should have been done to upgrade the Panmure Centre and make more use of it. I also thought it would have been better used for a centre in Carnoustie rather that a brand new Kinloch Centre. I really don’t know why beautiful buildings are torn down to make way for something new.”

Margaret Kydd: “If they are trying to relocate the services, then it sounds as if the Pannie will close. Another blow for the community at this end of the town! Are we not to be given any opportunity to find out if it can be kept?”

However Darren Keddie made a valid point: “It has poor accessibility, no lift and lots of stairs. Running cost won’t be too good either. A good reuse would see flats but I’m not sure it’s wholly suited to it. What I don’t want to see is it demolished, that would be cultural vandalism and Carnoustie has suffered enough of that.”

It is understood that there will be a consultation meeting in the Panmure Centre on Wednesday, November 26, at 6.30 p.m. to which two representatives from each user group have been invited.