Panto cast let their hair down

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Full of song, dance and festive fun, Carnoustie Theatre Club’s version of ‘Rapunzel’ is sure to get you into the Christmas spirit!

This year the CTC panto team has taken the traditional tale of ‘Rapunzel’ and, with a little help from Disney’s ‘Tangled’ and their own fevered imaginations, created a belly-chuckling, foot-tapping spectacular.

Sophia Prendiville played Rapunzel, the damsel in distress, with great confidence and poise for someone so young, and her singing was spot on.

Reluctant hero and love interest Quinn (Kim Samson) was in thigh-slapping form and had great chemistry with the rest of the cast.

Getting the crowd going was Peter Waggott as the nutty court jester, Harold. His slapstick and one-liners were laugh-a-minute.

Quinn’s sidekick and betrayer Doyle, was played with great force by Jamie Robertson in full ‘Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels’ villain-mode.

Tackling traditional panto tongue-twisters with aplomb was Muriel Gordon, the Good Fairy keeping an eye on events.

The King and Queen, Paul Strachan and Audrey Doherty, were delightfully regal and bumbling in equal measure.

Grant Wilson was deliciously disgusting as Buboe, the downtrodden henchman with a good heart and poor hygiene.

Chewing up the scenery in true panto form were Andy Gilbride as the innuendo-laden Dame Trott and Nikki Doig as Gothel, villain extraordinaire.

The cast were hilarious and there were loud chuckles and groans throughout.

As always, the youngsters dancing and singing in the ensemble were wonderful and brought a lot of fun and joy to the show.

Well done to choreographers Kelli Griffiths, Susan Crabb and Linzy Evatt and congratulations must also go to the hardworking set crew and wardrobe department who have again pulled out all the stops.

The production team of George Doherty (producer), David Cheape (panto manager) and Andy Gilbride (musical director) should be extremely proud of their cast and themselves.

All that remains to be said is that ‘Rapunzel’ continues tonight (Friday) and tomorrow at Carnoustie High School theatre and there may be some tickets still available from The Fobel Shop.