Parade posters controversy

ANGUS Council is to review the rules on community noticeboards after Carnoustie Gala Committee was banned from displaying posters promoting their torchlight parade, writes Jennifer Newton.

The event takes place tomorrow (Saturday) when both children and adults will parade from Woodlands Primary School with torches to the seafront where there will be a bonfire and fireworks display.

But Carnoustie Gala Committee has been told they are not allowed to put up posters advertising the event on community noticeboards in the town as it details the price of the torches.

And Gala Committee chair Mary Bushnell was left baffled by the council decision.

She said: “I asked to put posters up on the community noticeboard but I was told I couldn’t because they had the prices of the torches on them. I would have been allowed to put them up if I took the price off but what is the point of that?”

Councillor Helen Oswald took the case to Angus Council and also described the decision to ban the posters as “daft”.

She added: “Surely some discretion can be shown when people are wanting to display material promoting an event.

“The torchlight parade is one of the biggest events in Carnoustie which is followed by the Coastguards bonfire and fireworks display and all of this is possible through public fund-raising.

“We get no money off the council and we don’t have a Common Good Fund and people work hard to organise this event.”

A spokeswoman from Angus Council confirmed they had been in touch with the Gala Committee to discuss the situation and added a review of the rules will take place.

She explained: “The council has contacted the committee to discuss this matter and enable them to display their posters in the notice boards. The noticeboards are covered by the park management rules which prohibit the display of any promotional material in parks, however the council will now review the rules as regards the noticeboards.”

The parade starts tomorrow night at 6.30 p.m. at Woodlands Primary School.