Parasite closes local swimming pool

Arbroath Swimming Pool has been closed.
Arbroath Swimming Pool has been closed.

The bug infested Arbroath Swimming Pool has been subjected to a thorough flushing out.

Shut to the public following the discovery of a parasite last Friday, the pool inside Arbroath Sports Centre has undergone a deep cleaning after the discovery of a harmful bug.

Angus Council and health officials immediately put the pool on lockdown after a number of unwell patients were linked to the swimming pool. Tests identified that the cryptosporidium bug was present in the pool water and remedial action was taken, leaving the pool closed until further notice.

A spokesperson for Angus Council said: “In accordance with the usual procedures the pool has been deep cleaned, had a super-chlorination treatment and the water has been repeatedly flushed through the system. We have also carried out some general maintenance of plant and equipment.

“Further tests of the water have been carried out this week and as soon as it is given the all clear the pool will reopen.

“We thank customers for their patience while this essential work is carried out.”

Cryptosporidium is spread through contact with infected food, water and animals, including person to person spread. The cryptosporidium bug can cause diarrhoea, vomiting, stomach cramps and a slight fever.

Most cases are mild and improve without treatment. However, cryptosporidium infection can produce a severe illness in those whose immune systems are compromised.