Path network on the map

CARNOUSTIE could soon be on the rambling map if a new path system goes ahead as planned, writes Johnston Ralston.

Angus Council has agreed to upgrade and lengthen the existing network of footpaths in and around the town with £58,725 from the planning and transport financial plan.

At the infrastructures services meeting last Tuesday local councillors joined together to welcome the recommendation.

Phase one will see the existing paths extended and improved to the north-west of the town, while phase two will see the Fairy Steps re-opened and the surrounding paths strengthened and signposted.

Angus Council will also produce maps and pamphlets to publicise the pathways.

Councillor Helen Oswald said: “I contacted the planning and transport department in Forfar to send some leaflets down.

“I was horrified to discover they had sent leaflets for Arbroath and Montrose. Why would I be exporting Carnoustie tourists to Montrose and Arbroath?

“We had a discussion. I was told there were no interesting walking routes and hence no leaflets, but that some will be ready for next year.”

In the interim, printouts will be available for interested walkers. Councillor Oswald added: “Of course I welcomed the announcement of the path upgrade.

“There is a land ownership issue with the Fairy Steps which must be resolved, at that time the council will be able to upgrade it.”

Depute provost Peter Murphy and Independent councillor Brian Boyd also supported the motion.

Councillor Boyd said: “We are happy that our council has come to some agreement. We are all very passionate about this issue.”

The work is scheduled to be completed some time next June.