Pavement repairs

SIX BROUGHTY Ferry pavements are to be brought up to standard thanks to Dundee City Council’s unadopted footways scheme.

The streets including Ferndale Drive, Deepdale Place, Invermark Terrace, Belsize Road, Navarre Street and Albany Road all scored highly enough in a priority exercise to be included in a programme of works during the current financial year.

Ferry councillor Derek Scott says he has been pushing for improvements to these pavements and is glad something is going to be done to improve them.

He said: “I have nominated all of the unadopted pavements in Broughty Ferry for the scheme and over the years I have suggested ways to try and improve their priority.

“This action has proved successful with many being attended to.

“I am pleased that these six footways are to be brought up to standard as they are in an appalling state.

“Ferndale Drive provides a route to the local shop and is used by a lot of pedestrians who are forced onto the carriageway.“