People must ‘use or lose’ YMCA

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THE BROUGHTY Ferry YMCA can survive for at least another three years but to last longer it will need the support of the local community.

At a public meeting attended by around 40 people on Thursday, those present tried to come up with ideas that would spark interest in the YM and once again make it a financially viable group.

In the last fiscal year it was reported that the YM had made a £10,000 loss and it is expected that the figure will be about the same this year.

The organisation no longer receives funding from the local authority and so it relies heavily on donations.

Jeanette Third of YMCA Scotland said that although there is no imminent threat of closure the facility does need “new blood and fresh ides.”

She added: “We will go on until the money goes but we need a way to move forward. We will go on fighting to keep this place going and make it viable.

“This is not the last meeting of the Broughty Ferry YMCA. We will listen to ideas.”

Broughty Ferry councillor Ken Guild said: “The meeting was very well attended and it is obvious there is a fair amount of interest.

“As there is only enough funding to keep the YM going for another three years the meeting was used to discuss ways of achieving a cash flow.

“Most of the money raised by the YM comes from letting rooms to other organisations.

“Each YM is autonomous and is responsible for its own fund-raising and the board and activists present at the meeting were told about the ways of applying for financial aid.

“I have been in contact with planning officers who are concerned about one of the buildings due to its listed status and I have asked them to speak with the YM to see what can be done.

“We would like to try and avoid the YM having to spend money that they don’t really have.”