People need to pull together to develop seafront amenities

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THE CHAIRWOMAN of the Monifeith Community Centre Steering Group has called for local groups to work together to develop the seafront.

Margaret Copland feels that the people of Monifeith should pull together to achieve their similar goals.

Mrs Copland was speaking after it emerged a group of unnamed residents had expressed an interest in developing the seafront area.

She said: “We as the steering group have negotiated with Angus Council and have one site on offer for the construction of a purpose built activity resource.

“It would perhaps have been a good idea if the unnamed residents had come forward at the public meeting of Factor M where it was discussed what Monifeith was lacking.

“At the meeting the top priority was named as the activity resource.

“It would have been quite easy for them to make an appearance at the meeting to avoid a duplication of effort.

“All community organisations should be pulling together to do what is best for the future of Monifeith.

“We are still in negotiation with Angus Council and as yet no decision has been made over a site for the activity resource.”

Recent talks have revealed the possible development of recreational, cafe and snack facilities at the Blue Seaway playpark and the further development of the tennis courts and bowling green.

Monifeith Community Council chairman John Whellams welcomes the idea of a co-operative group working together for the benefit of the town.

He said: “Anything that makes the area more appealing to locals and visitors must be welcomed.

“We are behind anything entrepreneurial such as a co-operative group coming together to manage the facilities at the sea front.

“We would be delighted to encourage any kind of development that improves the appearance of Monifeith and increases the economic potential of the area - attracting investment and employment opportunities.”