Pet mauled: “It could have been a child!”

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A CARNOUSTIE couple have spoken out after their cat was mauled by a pair of dogs apparently running wild.

Mary and Gavin Wilson were left shocked last week after their cat, Pockets, was savaged near their home in Woodside Terrace.

Last Tuesday evening the Wilsons were watching television at home, when Mr Wilson went to make a cup of tea. Mrs Wilson described what happened next.

She stated: “Gavin heard this piercing scream and ran outside. There were two dogs on top of Pockets trying to tear him to bits.

“My cat was mauled by two Lurcher type dogs. We’ve got another three cats and we don’t want the same to happen to them.”

Mr Wilson rescued Pockets from the dogs which appeared to be unaccompanied, and took the injured pet for treatment. He said: “We took him to the vet straight away, he was in a mess. The vets’ bill is already over £500.”

According to Mr Wilson Pockets is not eating and his recovery is not certain.

He said: “He seems not bad just now. It depends whether he gets an infection or not. He’s got a lot stitches. Whether he makes it is in the lap of the gods.”

Mr Wilson criticised the dogs’ owner for letting the animals roam loose. He said: “It’s a complete lack of control with their dogs.

“It’s not the dogs’ fault, that’s what they’re bred for, it’s the owners fault. That could have been a child.”

A spokesperson for Tayside Police said: “Tayside Police received a report of a cat being attacked by two ‘lab sized’ dogs.

“The incident happened at about 10.30 p.m. on Tuesday, September 4, on the pathway between Wards Avenue and Woodside Terrace in Carnoustie.

“The dogs were not in the company of an owner. Officers are making enquiries and anyone who has any information regarding this incident is asked to contact Tayside Police on 0300 111 2222.”