Please sir, can I have some ‘Webmor’s’!

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Located adjacent to Arbroath’s Webster Memorial Theatre, if you eat at Webmor’s you are guaranteed to be asking for an encore.

Not surprisingly, a theatre theme dominates the beautiful premises, sited in the former Erskine Church.

But it is the food that’s the star of the show.

The ‘First Act’, as it is aptly described on the menu, for myself and a colleague was one of the day’s specials, chicken and sweetcorn soup.

Wow! The soup was just what we needed on a miserable day on Friday – hot, thick, delicious and moreish, packed with chunks of chicken and tasty sweetcorn.

It was accompanied by toasted ciabatta bread and fried slices of tortilla wraps dusted with paprika which were an innovative addition.

For ‘Act II’, another of the specials had caught my eye - the Hungarian goulash with wild rice.

The beef was so tender it just melted in my mouth, while the sauce was beautifully balanced and exactly what I would expect of a goulash.

Carrots, potatoes, peppers, some lovely ripe tomatoes and broccoli added to the tasty dish which went perfectly with the rice. This was indeed a crowd pleaser.

My colleague, Jennifer Newton, had chosen the Webmor Warmer, of which the soup accompanied. However, proprietor James Hutcheson had kindly offered to serve the soup and then the ciabatta and salad with my main course.

The roasted ham and cheese delight teased Jennifer’s tastebuds, while the fresh and colourful salad made for a wonderful addition on a dull day.

Having thoroughly enjoyed the two courses, James politely inquired as to what we would like for dessert, or the ‘after show party’, but we are sorry to disappoint readers, we were simply too full!

However, if the other meals are an example we have no hesitation in recommending those too.

With years of experience in the restaurant trade, James Hutcheson is top of the bill with Webmor’s.

The premises are inviting and cosy, while diners can enjoy their meal on the balcony which surrounds the ‘stage’ area.

The fact that only one table was empty on Friday when, if you recall, the weather was horrendous tells its own story.